Establishment of UX at Europace, approx. 200 employees, various target groups and many parallel product developments


Set up UX team, create or finalize personas and make them visible, make user journeys visible, integrate UX in product development, organize internal UX events (in-house marketing)

My part:

Finalize and continually develop personas:

- The basis were hypothetical personas, which were expanded to authentic personas over 2 years,

   partly with the help of further interviews

- I evaluated and summarized interviews and visualized them in different media

- To take away and easily accessible for all employees

- User profile canvas poster

- Life-size displays

- Need postcards

- In addition, planning and implementation of a persona lunch for the first introduction within the company.

   Each persona was presented with its own stand, where emotional accessories from everyday life and the

   respective favourite food were offered and presented.

-> With food you get them all : )

My part:

Create user journey:

- In a team with business analysts, UX colleagues and an illustrator 

- For different personas and products (B2B & B2B2C)

- Design and print templates in various sizes


My part:

Userjourney mapping:

- In a team with business analysts, UX colleagues and developers

- Providing strategic advice to the product development team in the "Digital Document File"

   product development with the help of userjourney mapping

- In this way, everyone can see which need is served by which feature

- In presentations, sales and business analysts can clearly show how to shorten a journey

-> which work steps can be eliminated or shortened by automation and digitization


Time is money  :  ))