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Europace is the leading web-based platform for mortgage finance and related financial and insurance products in Germany.



Establishment of UX at Europace, approx. 200 employees, various target groups and many parallel product developments

My part:

Finalize and continually develop personas:
- Hypothetical personas, which were expanded to authentic personas
- I evaluated and summarized interviews and visualized them in different media
- For take away and easily accessible for all employees
- User profile canvas poster
- Life-size displays
- Need postcards
- Planning and implementation of a persona lunch for the first introduction


Create user journey

My part:

- In a team with business analysts, UX colleagues and an illustrator 

- For different personas and products (B2B & B2B2C)

- Design and print templates in various sizes


Company: Signal Iduna 
Signal Iduna is a leading insurance company in Germany.

My part:

- Analyzing interviews 
- Development of a Customer jouney vision
- Alignment and Integrating of all stakeholders in swim lanes
- Visualizing gains and pains
- Best way to derive business decisions for all management levels


Einreichungsprozess Kunden

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Einreichungsprozess intern

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